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Written by  Animefreak155 & Wasio 27 February 2011 Published in Mazecity

Lets Go Karaoke!!

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frontKaraoke we heard it many times in countless anime, a pass time for a lot of our favourite anime characters. In most anime when ever they want to party or hang out they go karaoke. And we have seen hilarious moments. Yet this is still not popular among fans in Bangladesh. But thats not the case at Mazecity. Here there are many people who actually sing Japanese/anime songs. And if you hear some of them you will be amazed.

The Mazecity forum has a karaoke thread where most of the users who are active at Mazecity post their own karaoke version of the some popular Japanese,Bangla and other songs. There are simple rules for the karaoke thread, they are as follows:

  • Well you record yourself (anything..doesnt have to be Japanese)
  • Preferably with an instrumental (or whatever)
  • Upload it and post it here (at the karaoke thread)
  • Do not post any songs that use many explicit and or vulgar words or scenes (if you are posting videos).

One of the Mazecity members named Nue posted his song here it is.

Here is a music video from the founder of the karaoke thread, her name is Lady Poison.

This song is from one of the famous Vocaloid singers named Kagamine Rin, song name "The Dying Message". Below is the original version of the song. So let us know how good she can sing ^_^

Options for March Meet's anime quiz =)

The anime up for vote are:

  • Fairy Tail (Episode 1-68)
  • Prince Of Tennis
  • Aarakawa Under The Bridge (Season 1)

Minna San! the options for march 2011 meeting's anime quiz are given :D So start voting for your favourite one :D. As usual the winner of the quiz will be rewarded with something cool XD XD

Voting will end on march 20th, and the anime with the highest vote will be on the next quiz. So study up on them. The winner will get an awesome prize.
All the best :hah
In case if are too lazy to actually look at the links, here they are again:
Last modified on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 11:21