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Written by  Animefreak155 18 February 2011 Published in Anime

Spring 2011 Anime Lineup

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This is a list of upcoming anime in spring 2011. Most are either new series or the second seasons of previous popular anime. It also contains movies and ova's.

Some notable anime series that are worth watching are:

  • Appleseed XIII - This is based on the manga by Shirow Masamune. Who is well known for his other great works such as Ghost in the shell, Patlabobr and Dominion. Like most of his other works it follows the story of a female protagonist and is set in the future. The anime will follow the story of the first 4 volumes of the manga. For fans of Ghost in the Shell, and animes of the 90's this is an anime worth watching.
  • Gintama - This anime needs no explanation, its a masterpiece for its comedy. This is a continuation of where the anime previously left off. The anime has many hilarious moments, but because of the fast paced puns its hard to catch for most viewers. Not to mention the jokes make use various popular anime, Japanese shows and idols. So you would have to have a very large knowledge base on many things to actually get the jokes. In all honesty it took me like the first 50-70 episodes to start enjoying the series. But I will have to say that in the end it was well worth it, and now it is one of my favourite anime.
  • Deadman Wonderland - The story revolves around Ganta who's entire class was killed by the "Red Man", leaving only him alive. He gets the blame and is thrown into a Deadman Wonderland an amusement park/prison. Ganta is now on a mission to avenge his classmates and kill the "Red Man".
  • The World God Only Knows - This is a second season of the previous series which came out last year. In this story the main character is a dating sim playing maniac. And now he made a pact with a demon by accident and has to capture loose souls hidden inside the hearts of girls, these are evil souls who have escaped from hell. The only way to do it by making the girls fall in love with him. Problem is he is only good with 2D girls!
  • Maria Holic 2- Well not much to say, as this anime can only be explained by only watching it. The story is based on a female character who is in love with girls thats why she transfers to an all female school, and the first girl that steals her heart turns out to be a cross-dressing boy, who is a sadist. This anime is quite hilarious, so guys  watch the first season before you try out the second one.
  • Kampfer fur die Liebe - If you guys like ecchi with a bit of humor, then watch it. But in my opnion even though I did watch it, I would rate this very low. So Try it depending on your likes.
    • X-Men - Again after Ironman And Wolverine now comes X-Men. In My opinion I found both of them just disappointing. And I don't have any expectations from X-men either. So if you are a marvel fan then watch it.

    And to mention a few more that are coming out, such as Toriko, Ao no Exorcist and C. Which have very high ratings or positive reviews. Specially Toriko which was one of the most popular mangas in Shonen Jump.

    Also many ova's and movies are coming out. Such as Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail, Air Gear, xxxHolic, Gundam Unicorn, .hack//Qunatum, Fairy Tail, Asobi ni Ikuyo, Baka to Test Shokanju, Amagamai SS, Highschool of the Dead and Kaichou wa Maid-sama and many more. Movies coming out are, One Piece 3D, Toriko, Ghost in The Shell and others.

    Here is the entire list below, click the the image to open and enlarge in another window.


    spring 2011 anime lineup

    Below is the time and schedule of some on-going anime according to the time in Japan.

    Here is the entire list below, click the the image to open and enlarge in another window.



    Last modified on Sunday, 05 June 2011 03:09